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We proudly present: Kingfisher Sky mark 4! With a warm warm welcome to Erik van Ittersum, Keymaster Extraordinaire. We hope to bedazzle and rock you very soon in a theatre or venue near you!

Feb 28, 2016

A change of Keys

What a night we had at the Veur Theatre! So many highlights…:-)
The sad part friday was saying goodbye to David. We want to thank David for being with us these past years and wish him all the best in pursuing the most important quest in life: the following of the heart! Cheers mate!
But at the same time we are very happy to welcome Erik van Ittersum to the Kingfisher Sky family. If you heard him play Winter by Tori Amos last friday you know we have one talented young whippersnapper in our midst!

But you’re not going to need your Wintervest… cause it’s gonna be HOT!….Yeah!….

2016 will be off to a good start with new shows in a.o. Willemeen Arnhem and Het Veur Theatre! See the gig page for more details.

Oct 18, 2015

Upcoming Acoustics!

Kingfisher Sky and Valerio Recenti​ in all their acoustic splendor!
If you like this and maybe missed out last time keep the 26th of februari 2016 free and watch this space. Just sayin’;-)

This friday we will play P60 Amstelveen with Stream of Passion, also new shows in november!

Bring your Speedo’s and surfboard because we will be playing at the beach courtesy of Schollenpop in Scheveningen! With Death Angel among others :-)

It was a magical evening at Het Veur Theater! Thank you all for making this evening unforgettable. More shows coming up: three shows with Delain, one with Autumn and one with Stream of Passion. Check the “Gig” section for details!

On behalf of Kingfisher Sky all the best for 2015! To start the new year in great rock ‘n roll fashion here’s our new video for King of Thieves.