Technicoloured Eyes video

Today we launch a brand new video for our song Technicoloured Eyes! 

It is our first fully animated video starring Diederickje. 

Diederickje was created by Joke Rijnveld-Stortenbeek for the album art of our fourth album (also called Technicoloured Eyes) so you might have seen him already on the album cover, T-shirts, bags and stage banners but now we introduce this peculiar and wonderful creature properly:

Diederickje is a symbol of the creative mind.

The one who sees beauty and colours in the world.

The one who spreads love and seeks for connection between all living creatures.

So without further ado: here is Technicoloured Eyes! Animated by the wonderful and talented Anne Bertels.

Also today, we’re launching our brand new webshop! Head over to Shop in the menu above and feel free to look around…